22.0 Editing Icons for Drivers and Applications

The Icon editor enables you to create customized icons for your drivers and applications. You can enrich predefined templates or images with labels, choose background images and colors, and overlay images. Within minutes, you can create a custom branded icon for your implementation, including your company’s logo or name.

  1. In the Modeler, select a driver, then click Properties.

    The object properties dialog box displays the default icon.

  2. Click iManager Icon > New.

  3. To enter text for your icon, select Labels, then click Add.

    To edit the label, click new in the text column, type a new label, then click Update.

    You can edit the label, control its placement through the Offset X and Offset Y options, and edit font size, font type, and color.

  4. To add an overlay image to your icon, select Overlay Images, then click Add.

    To select an image, click the cell in the File column, select a filename from the drop-down list, then click Update. To place the image farther below the text, increase the value in the Offset Y column.

  5. To add a background color or image to your icon, select Background.

    To change the background color, click the Browse button next to the Background Color field, select a color form the palette, then click OK. You can also click the Browse button next to the Background Image field, select a filename from one of the folders (for example, gradients), then click Open.

    To change the background image, click the Browse button next to the Background Image field, select an image from the applications folder, then click Open.

  6. To create a similar icon for iManager, select Derivations, then select Driver or Application.

    This transfers the icon to the driver’s or application’s iManager properties. (See the iManager icon on the driver properties page.)

  7. When you are finished editing the icon, click Update.