20.4 Checking Loaded Plug-Ins

A problem can occur if a plug-in fails to load. To see which plug-ins are loaded:

  1. Select Window > Show View > Other.

  2. Open the PDE Runtime folder.

  3. Click Plug-in Registry > OK.

    List of Designer plug-ins

    The Plug-in Registry page lists the Designer plug-ins, which have a green triangle in the plug-in icon.

  4. Use the Home icon to bring you to the top of the plug-in list.

  5. Select a plug-in, then use the right-arrow icon to drill into the plug-in and use the left arrow icon to return.

  6. Use the Refresh icon to refresh the Plug-In Registry view.

  7. Use the Plug-In Registry view toolbar to select Show Active Plug-Ins Only.