16.10 Updating Designer

When you start Designer, you are prompted about how you want to receive updates. You can change this setting in Preferences.

Figure 16-5 The Updates Tab

If you select to not automatically update Designer, you can get updates by using the Help menu or the Welcome page.

To update from the Help menu:

  1. Click Help > Check for Designer Updates.

    • If your version of Designer is up-to-date, a prompt informs you that no updates are available.

    • If an update is available, a prompt lists components that you can update. Select components, then click OK.

    • If your version of Eclipse needs to be updated before you can install Designer 3.6, a dialog box prompts you to click the URL that takes you to the Designer download site.

  2. Select updates, then click OK.

To update from the Welcome page:

  1. Click Help > Welcome.

  2. Click the What’s New icon.

  3. Click New Updates.

  4. Follow prompts to download and install the latest Designer.