4.13 Adding Prompts to a Driver Configuration File

Several node types are defined for driver configuration files. These extensions were made to support the following:

The primary new node types are variable-decl, variable-ref, and xsl-modify.

Table 4-22 New Node Types

New Node Type



Allows you to define driver configuration variables that are prompted for (optionally) and replaced into a driver configuration file during its import. Multiple variable-decl blocks can be used to define a “layered” set of prompts. Refer to the FlexiblePrompts document for more information.


Used to reference a variable defined in a variable-decl within your driver configuration files.


Used to globally modify the driver configuration file after all variables (and prompting) have been resolved. The contents of this node are extracted and used as an XSL style sheet that is applied to the patched driver configuration file.

For information on adding prompts to a sample configuration file, see “Editing Driver Configuration Files,” which is an appendix in the Novell Identity Manager Administration Guide.