4.9 Configuring ID Policy Containers

An ID Policy container is a repository for ID policies and is used in conjunction with the ID Provider driver. When the ID Provider driver receives an ID request from a client, it generates an identification that is based on the ID policy specified in the request and passes the identification to the client.

To configure an ID Policy container, you must first add the ID Provider driver to a driver set that accesses an Identity Manager 3.6 Identity Vault. Then, under the ID Provider driver, create an ID Policy container by right-clicking the ID Provider driver and selecting New > ID Policy Container. After the container is created, double-click the ID Policy container in the Outline view, or right-click the ID Policy container and select Properties.

Table 4-19 ID Policy Container General Settings




The name of the ID Policy container. You can change the name as necessary.


You can add notes to better define how you are using the ID Policy container.

In order for ID policies to work, you must also add and configure an ID policy in the ID Policy container. See Section 4.10, Configuring ID Policies.