4.6 Configuring Libraries

The Library object is a repository of commonly used policies that can be referenced from multiple locations. You can place a policy in the library that every driver in the driver set can reference. You can find the Library object in the Outline view.

  1. Right-click the Library object and select Properties to view its Properties page.

    Library Properties page

    The following table lists settings for the Library Properties page:




    The name of the library. You can modify the name to be more descriptive, especially if you have more than one library in a tree.

    For example, you might have one library at the Identity Vault level containing policies that are generic to most drivers, and another library at the Driver Set level containing policies that are specific to that driver set.

    Deploy Context

    The Identity Vault assigns the default DN container value to a library created or deployed at the Identity Vault level. If you specify a DN container here on the Library object, that container setting takes precedence over the Identity Vault setting. You can manually enter this value or browse to and select the context.

    Libraries created under the driver set do not have the Deploy Context option.


    This field allows you to type a description of the selected library.

  2. After you have modified the fields, select Apply to apply the new settings, then click OK to close the Properties page.

    For more information on what you can add to a library, see Library Objects in Policies in Designer 3.5.