12.0 Using Entitlements

Identity Manager allows you to synchronize data between connected systems. Entitlements allow you to set up criteria for a person or group that, once met, initiate an event to grant or revoke access to business resources within the connected system.

You can think of an entitlement as a permission slip. For example, if you want a new employee to be given an Active Directory account when he is added to your Human Resource system, he must have a permission slip, or entitlement, for the Active Directory account. If the user doesn’t have the permission slip, he doesn’t receive the account. This gives you one more level of control and automation for granting and revoking resources.

Use Designer to create entitlements and deploy them into existing Identity Manager drivers. Designer allows you to create entitlements through the Entitlement Wizard, which gives you a graphical interface where you can create the entitlement step by step. Because of this graphical interface, we recommend using Designer for creating and editing entitlements.

There are four aspects to making entitlements work effectively: design, creation, editing, and management.