6.0 Managing the Schema

Designer includes a copy of the base Identity Vault schema, which is stored in the BaseIVSchema.xml file. This file is located in \Designer\eclipse\plugins\com.novell.core.datatools_x.x.x.x\defs\schema, where x.x.x.x represents the specific Designer build.

Do not directly modify BaseIVSchema.xml. Instead, use Designer to add the schema information from this file into your project. The Manage Schema tool allows you to change the schema as part of the project without modifying the original BaseIVSchema.xml file.

You can add, delete, rename, and modify classes and attributes in the Identity Vault schema. You can import the Identity Vault schema from the production environment, or use the default schema. After modifying the schema, you can deploy it into the production Identity Vault.

WARNING:If you do not have a good understanding of how the Identity Vault schema works, changing the default schema can cause data corruption. If you modify classes or attributes and then deploy the modified schema into a tree where these classes are in use, one of the following problems can occur:

  • Those objects can become unknown.

  • Synchronization errors can occur.

To understand the basics of the schema, see “Managing the Schema” in the online documentation for Novell® eDirectory™ 8.8.

If you subscribe to LogicSource®, see Novell® LogicSource for eDirectory for additional information. LogicSource is a subscription-based service that Novell provides to its customers.