1.4 Designer, iManager, and the User Application Administration Console

Identity Manager contains three tools to assist you in setting up and configuring a working Identity Manager solution. These are Designer, iManager, and the User Application Administration Console.

iManager and Designer have similarities, but their features and user experience are optimized for their respective target users and environments. Designer is a planning and design tool, while iManager is a real-time administrator tool. They are compatible. You can export information (for example, a driver set or driver) from one to the other. Also, several key common UI elements are now similar so that you can move between the tools more effectively.

iManager is a browser-based tool that provides a single point of administration for many Novell products, including Identity Manager. By using the Identity Manager plug-ins for iManager, you can manage Identity Manager and receive real-time health and status information about your Identity Manager system.

The User Application provides a Web-based administration console that allows you to configure, manage, and customize password self-service, roles, and provisioning. The administration console is added as an Administration tab in the User Application for anyone who has been assigned administrative rights.

These three tools can help you to implement a viable Identity Manager solution into your organization.