4.12 The Dataflow View

Designer allows you to manage how the data flows between the Identity Vault and the connected systems. You can see how the data flows between all of the connected systems, make changes as needed, create reports about the data, and view the flow of passwords between the systems.

The Dataflow view enables you to perform the following functions:

The Dataflow view includes the following icons in the icon bar at the top of the view:

Table 4-14 Dataflow View Icons



Add Filter Class

Add a new filter class to the dataflow list.

Add Filter Attribute

Add a new filter attribute to a selected filter class.

Expand All Classes

Simultaneously expand all filter classes to reveal all existing filter attributes.

Collapse All Classes

Simultaneously collapse all filter classes to hide all existing filter attributes.

Clear Arrows

Clear all dataflow arrows from the drivers in the modeler.

The Dataflow view and the Dataflow editor manage the data. The Dataflow view displays the flow of data in the Modeler per driver. The Dataflow editor displays a more granular view. For more information, see Managing the Flow of Data in the Designer 3.0.1 for Identity Manager 3.6 Administration Guide.