4.10 The Tasks View

Figure 4-18 The Tasks View

The Tasks view enables you to make and prioritize notes while you manage identities. This view is for your convenience. It can contain whatever you want. It won’t affect the functionality of your solution.

This view enables you to do the following:

To add a task:

  1. Open the Tasks view by selecting Window > Show View > Tasks.

  2. Right-click in the Tasks view, then click Add Task.

  3. Type a name in the Description field, select a priority, then click OK.


  1. Click the Add Task icon Add Task icon located in the upper right corner of the tasks view.

To delete a task:

  1. Right-click the task.

  2. Click Delete.


  1. Select the task so that the entire task is highlighted.

  2. Click the Delete icon Delete icon , located in the upper right corner of the tasks view.

NOTE:If you right-click the task description so only the task description is highlighted, then click Delete, only the task description is deleted. This is helpful if you want to redefine your task description.

4.10.1 Task Properties

To open the Task Properties page, right-click a task, then select Properties.

Table 4-9 Task Properties Functionality




Enables you to describe or name your task.

Creation Time

Indicates when the task was created.


Enables you to set the priority of the task to High, Normal or Low.


Eables you to indicate whether the task is completed.

On Element

Enables you to specify what element the task will be on.

In Folder

Enables you to specify the folder the task will be in.


Enables you to specify the location of the task.

4.10.2 Filtering Tasks

  1. Click the filter icon The Filter icon.

  2. Select filters, then click OK.

    Searchable filters

Table 4-10 Filters Window Functionality



User Filters

Enables you to select specific filters to filter your tasks.


Enables you to add a new filter to your user filters.


Enables you to remove an existing filter from your user filters.

Select All

Enables you to simultaneously select all your filters.

Deselect All

Enables you to simultaneously deselect all your filters.

On Any Element

Filters on any element.

On Any Element in the Same Project

Filters only on elements that are in the same project.

On Selected Element Only

Filters only on the elements you have selected.

On Selected Element and its Children

Filters only on the elements you have selected and the children of those elements.

On Working Set

Filters only on the working set you have selected.


Enables you to add, edit, remove and select working sets.


Enables you to filter by description.

Where Priority is:

Enables you to filter by priority.

Where Status is:

Enables you to filter by status.

Show Items of Type

Enable you to filter by type.

Select All

Enables you to simultaneously select all types.

Deselect All

Enables you to simultaneously deselect all types.

Restore Default

Enables you to restore set defaults.

4.10.3 Marking Tasks Completed

  1. Right-click the task you want to mark completed.

  2. Click Mark Completed.


  1. Click the check box in the left column of the Tasks view.

NOTE:When you mark a task as completed, the task automatically moves to the bottom of your list of tasks.

You can set a priority for your task when you add a new task to your list. However, this is not the only location where you can set a priority.

4.10.4 Right-Click Options

Table 4-11 Task Options



Add Task

Enables you to add a task to the Tasks view.

Go To

Enables you to go to a designated place.

Show In

Enables you to show the task in another view.


Enables you to copy tasks.


Enables you to paste what has been cut or copied.


Enables you to delete all selected tasks.

Select All

Enables you to simultaneously select all tasks in the Tasks view.

Mark Completed

Marks the selected task as Completed.

Delete Completed Tasks

Deletes all tasks that are marked as Completed.


Opens the Properties window.

4.10.5 Setting Task Priorities

  1. Right-click a task.

  2. Select Properties.

  3. Select the new priority.


  1. In the Tasks view, locate the column with the exclamation mark (!).

  2. Go to the task on which you want to change the priority.

  3. Click in this column.

  4. The task’s current priority is displayed.

  5. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the current priority.

  6. Select the desired priority.

4.10.6 Sorting Tasks

  1. Click the Menu icon located in the right corner of the Tasks view.

  2. In the drop-down menu, click Sorting.

The Sorting window enables you to sort your tasks in different ways, in ascending or descending order. You can sort by completion, priority, description, resource, path, location, and creation time.

Click Restore Defaults to restore the sorting defaults.