What's New in 3.0.1 Auto-Update

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1. Structured Global Configuration Values

  • Support for adding, editing, and displaying Structured Global Configuration Values is now available in the Driver and Driver-set GCV Preference pages. Structured GCVs can also be used on Shim Parameters and Job Parameters pages.

2. New Applications Added to the Modeler Palette

  • SAP BizLogic

3. Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • A few bugs were fixed in Configuration Management, Drive Configuration Wizard, Policy Builder, Import, and Notification Templates.

What's New in 3.0.1

1. General

  • Support for openSUSE 11.0
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

2. Configuration

  • The Java Debug Port has been moved from Trace to the Java Driver Properties page.
  • The DS-Trace Login Credentials dialog is prepopulated from the Identity Vault.
  • Multi-selection is supported in the Modeler browser. For example, you can select multiple ECMAScript objects from the Modeler browser and add them to the Driver Configuration page.

3. Import/Deploy

  • You can deploy multiple Email Templates and Email Notification Collection objects across Identity Vaults.

4. Modeler/Outline View

  • Resolved issues with the following:
    • Policies not opening at times.
    • Deleting objects did not mark the project as dirty and did not save the changes.
    • Copy and paste not working correctly.

5. Policy Builder

  • The strings of a 'send email from template' action are editable. It launches the string builder and sets strings for a Policy under Library.
  •  The user interface implementation of the token-map and do-set-sso-credential actions when using variable expansion is rectified. The use relative DN option is now controlled depending on whether the GCV value entered in the DN field for the action is a full DN or a relative DN.
  • Saving Global Configuration Variable conforms to the NMTOKEN standards in Rule conditions.
  • Inserted an empty actions element so that if all actions are deleted, the policy passes validation.
  • The do-set-sso-passphrase action allows question and answer strings to be blank.
  • In the Argument Builder, insertion of a Noun or Verb occurs below the selected item.
  • The Up-arrow and Down-arrow keys can be used to select actions.
  • The token-unique-name argument allows the pattern to be blank.
  • An empty arg-value element is updated when you switch a value type.
  • A wait cursor is displayed while long rules are expanding.

6. Project View

  • Double-clicking a project folder expands or contracts it.

7. Project Checker

  • If a driver set contains drivers with health configurations, Project Checker warns you if there is not a health job configured on the driver set.

8. Provisioning

  • Provisioning View tooltips can be disabled through the Preferences page.

9. Schema Map Editor

The following keyboard support has been added:

  • Cut = Ctrl+X
  • Copy = Ctrl+C
  • Paste = Ctrl+V
  • Insert ID Vault Class = Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Insert ID Vault Attributes = Alt+Shift+I
  • Insert Application Class = Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Insert Application Attributes = Alt+Shift+A
  • Delete the selected text or a character = Delete key

10. Version Control

  • Support for Subversion 1.5.
  • Support for the svn+ssh protocol.
  • The Get from History process restores the entire driver properly.
  • You can revert a provisioning team without reverting the whole project.
  • Version Control history comments are in a separate field for easier viewing.
  • The Username field in the svn+ssh authentication dialog remembers past usernames.