5.1 Key Differences in Identity Manager Versions

Table 5-1 Differences in Identity Manager Versions

Identity Manager 3.0.1

Identity Manager 3.5

Identity Manager 3.6

  • New DirXML Script actions

  • New Log Events:

    • Add Value (on add)

    • Get Named Password

    • Reset Attributes

    • Add Value (on modify)

  • Resource Objects were added:

    • Credential Provisioning Applications

    • Credential Provisioning Repository Objects

    • Generic Resource Objects

  • New object types were added:

    • ECMAScript Objects

    • Jobs

    • Mapping Table Resource Objects

    • Resource Libraries

  • New Policy Linking capabilities where a policy can be in multiple lists

  • Many new DirXML Script actions, conditions, tokens, and verbs

  • Ability for DirXML Script to nest conditions

  • Driver-scoped local variables in DirXML Script that let you refer to variable outside of the policy

  • Support for 64-Bit Operating Systems

  • New installation Program

  • New Driver Configuration Files

  • Driver Health Monitoring

  • New ID Provider Driver

  • Reciprocal Attribure Mapping

  • Addtional DirXML Script Elements

  • Nested Group Support

  • User Application

  • Designer 3.5