5.2 Changing the Identity Manager Version

You can both import and deploy to all versions of Identity Manager that shipped since Identity Manager 2.0, up to and including Identity Manager 3.6. You can also import from DirXML 1.x environments.

Because versions earlier than Designer 2.0 M5 did not track Identity Manager versions, those earlier projects do not have version information.. When you convert an earlier project, Designer 3.5 defaults the Identity Manager version numbers to 3.5. During conversion, Designer informs you that this default is being applied.

You can change this version number by doing either of the following:

You can also find information on upgrades, information on downgrades, and a link to a help topic. This information explains the key differences between versions of Identity Manager.

When you import into a new server (or create a server based on a server that you have browsed to in the directory), the new server inherits the imported version of Identity Manager.

If you do a live update in the server properties page, Designer updates the server to the current version of Identity Manager that is in the target environment.