5.3 Tracking Versions of Identity Manager

Designer 4.0 tracks the Identity Manager version. Filtering functionality is based on this version information. When multiple servers are associated to a driver set, Designer calculates an “effective engine version.” This version is the earliest Identity Manager version in the driver set.

If you want to use the latest Identity Manager 3.5.1 features, it is important that all servers belonging to the driver set are upgraded to 3.5.1. This version can be manually upgraded or downgraded from the server properties page.

Additionally, live update buttons retrieve current Identity Manager and eDirectory version information on the server properties page.

Figure 5-1 Live Update Buttons

The Add Server dialog box allows you to specify version information when an Identity Vault is created.

Figure 5-2 The Add Server Dialog Box

The Driver Set Log Level and Driver Log Level propety pages have dynamic version widgets next to any log event that is not supported by your effective Identity Manager version. Designer 2.0 M5 added support for several Identity Manager log events: Set SSO Credential, Clear SSO Credential and Set SSO Passphrase.

Figure 5-3 Log Events

For more information about these events, see the Credential Provisioning Policies documentation.

The following figure illustrates an unsupported log event:

Figure 5-4 Message Concerning an Identity Manager Version