5.6 Adjusting the UI Based on the Version Number

Designer displays and enables or disables capabilities based on the version of Identity Manager that is associated with the Identity Manager engine. For example, if you edit a policy that is associated with a server that uses Identity Manager 3.5, Policy Builder shows you all of the new actions, conditions, verbs, and tokens that ship with that release. This feature lets you try out the next version of Identity Manager before it is even released.

Also, if you set the server to Identity Manager 3.5 (or earlier), you get the previous version of Policy Builder that Designer has shipped with in the past.

If you try to create an object that is not supported by your server version, a prompt tells you that this action isn't supported. For example, Identity Manager 3.5 introduces the concept of Jobs, Mapping Tables, and Policy Libraries. If you try to create one of these objects on a 3.5 server, you see the following message:

Figure 5-9 Prompt: Feature Not Supported

Future milestones of Designer will continue to evolve the UI to better handle version differences.