A.1 Modeler Space Operations

The following figure illustrates Modeler options that are available when you right-click empty Modeler space.

Figure A-1 Modeler-Space Operations

Table A-1 Modeler-Space Operations

Right-Click Operation


Undo Change Location

Returns an item to its previous status.

New > Application

Selects an application from a list and places the application to the Modeler.

New > Domain Group

Places a Domain Group in the Modeler.

New > Identity Vault

Launches a dialog box that specifies a server and creates an Identity Vault.

Straighten Connections

Straightens lines for selected items. For example, you can straighten a line to a driver, all lines in a driver set, everything in a Domain Group, or an entire project. If a line is not within a few degrees of being horizontal or vertical, this option is dimmed.


Evenly distributes applications vertically or horizontally. Press Ctrl, select the items that you want to distribute, then select a pattern.


Aligns applications according to a pattern that you select. Press Ctrl, select the items, then select a pattern (for example, Align Bottom).

Document Selection

Launches the Document Generation Wizard, which documents your project.

Live > Import

Imports and Identity Vault.