6.4 Deploying the Schema into the Identity Vault

After the Identity Manager driver is tested with the new schema, you can deploy the modified schema into the Identity Vault.

  1. In the Modeler, select the Identity Vault.

  2. Select Live > Schema > Deploy.

  3. Specify the Host Name.

    Fields required to deploy to the Identity Vault

    The host name can be the server’s IP address or the DNS name of the server.

  4. Specify the User Name, which must be a user with administrative rights to the schema.

  5. Specify the user’s password, then click Next.

  6. Select the classes and attributes to deploy into the Identity Vault schema, then click Next.

    The Schema Deploy Wizard
  7. Review the summary of classes and attributes to be deployed, then click Finish.

    If you have selected duplicate attributes or classes, a warning box appears

    The message that warns you of duplicate classes
  8. Select Yes or No, depending upon whether you want to resolve the duplicate classes or attributes.

  9. Review errors or warnings, then click OK.

    The Messages dialog box