10.5 Configuring the E-Mail Server

The e-mail server sends notification e-mails from applications that use the Notification Configuration templates.

  1. Select an Identity Vault in the Modeler.

  2. In the Outline view, scroll to Default Notification Collection for that Identity Vault.

  3. Right-click, then select Properties.

  4. Specify the host name, From, and authentication settings for your SMTP e-mail server.

    Host Name: The host name of your SMTP e-mail server. This can also be an IP address.

    From: When a user opens the e-mail, the text that you enter in the From edit box is displayed in the From field of the user’s e-mail heading. Depending on your mail server settings, the text in this field might need to match a valid sender in the system (for example, helpdesk@company.com instead of descriptive text such as The Password Administrator). Such a match allows the mail server to do reverse lookups or authentication.

    Authenticate to the server by using credentials: Use for a secured SMTP server.

    If your server requires authentication before sending e-mail, specify the username and password here.

    Although the authentication information is specified here, you might also need to specify it separately for the application that is sending the notification e-mails.

    For example, Forgotten Password e-mail notifications can be sent by using the authentication information you specify here. However, notification e-mails for Identity Manager Password Synchronization require the authentication information to be provided in the driver policy that is used to send notification e-mails.

  5. Click OK.