16.3 Using the Tree Editor

The Tree editor supports these features:

Direct Editing: You can directly edit the text fields, including element names, attribute names and values, namespace names and values, text, and comments.

Insertion: You can insert new nodes by using the Tree editor’s right-click menu, which allows you to insert nodes as children before or after the selected node. If the node is an element, you can insert attributes. The submenus for Add Child, Add After, Add Before contain the node that can be legally added. If no schema or DTD is associated with the document, the submenus contain New Attribute or New Element.

Deletion: To delete a node, select it and either press the Delete key or right-click, then click Remove.

Drag-and-drop: Inside the tree and between trees.

General Editing: Operations such as undo, redo, cut, copy, and paste.

The Tree editor displays the XML nodes, with the value of each node displayed in a table cell next to the tree node.

Figure 16-2 XML Tree Editor

The Tree editor provides the following toolbar options:

Table 16-3 Tree Editor Toolbar



Expands all nodes.

Collapses all nodes.

Attaches a schema. For more information on using this feature, see Section 16.4, Attaching a Schema or DTD.

Launches help.