D.0 Revision History

The following table lists changes made to the Identity Manager Driver Kit documentation:

March 1, 2006

Made minor technical edits.

October 5, 2005

Transitioned to revised Novell documentation standards.

Updated the description of Remote Communication in Section 1.5, Designing the Driver.

April 2005

Added information on the Identity Manager driver for exteNd composer.

February 2004

Updated NDS.DTD to the version 2 release, corresponding to the release of Nsureā„¢ Identity Manager 2.

Added DirXML script DTD and reference.

Updated XDS libraries with support for new elements in NDS.DTD.

June 2003

Added additional information on the XDS Libraries and updated introductory material.

March 2003

Added documentation on the XDS Libraries.

March 2002

Updated the documentation to DirXML 1.1.

Added the following:

  • Command transformation rule
  • Rule chaining
  • Expanded use of the query parameters to the schema mapping rules, input transformation rules, and output transformation rules
  • Command style sheet parameters
  • Automatic handling of auxiliary classes
  • Enhanced move operations
  • Attribute password modify
  • Dynamic loading of jar files

June 2001

Added information on using the DirXML Driver Kit for the Solaris and Linux platforms.

February 2001

Revised the rule chapters and added a style sheet chapter. Added DirXML error codes.

September 2000

Moved to the NDK as an Early Access component.

May 2000

Published as a Leading Edge component