5.0 Novell exteNd Composer Driver

The Identity Manager SDK includes the Identity Manager driver for Novell exteNd Composer. This driver can be used to create custom applications which interface with Identity Manager using exteNd Composer.

This is recommended for developers who have experience using exteNd connectors and want to use that experience to create drivers for Identity Manager.

Novell exteNd is a comprehensive suite for the rapid development of service-oriented Web applications. With Novell exteNd 5.2 corporate application, developers can powerfully combine identity, integration and portal services to securely deliver relevant business information, at the appropriate time, to the right people. Novell exteNd Composer 5.2 can help you crate and deploy a complete integration solution for your organization.

Using the Identity Manager Driver for Composer, composer action models can be written to implement application specific logic. The Composer action model can connect to the target systems and perform creates, deletes, modifies, and queries as specified by Identity Manager.

A Composer action model is built for each type of system, based on the requirements of that system. The Identity manager driver for Composer can be configured with policies like any other driver.

The IDM Composer Driver:

The Composer Action Model:

For more information on exteNd Composer, see the Novell exteNd Composer Documentation.