A.0 Revision History

The following table lists changes made to the GroupWise Administrative Object documentation (in reverse chronological order):

Release Date


November 2012

Reviewed and updated for use with GroupWise 2012.

March 2009

Added support for GroupWise 7.0.3, and 8.x to documentation.

March 2006

Added PrefEMailID property to User.

Removed the Delete method from Field because it was never implemented.

Added navigational links.

October 2005

Transitioned to revised Novell documentation standards.

February 2004

Added the Member property to DMSAccessRights, two parameters to the Add method of DMSFieldDefinitions, the Delete method to Field and FieldDefinition, and a second Item method to Resources.

Updated the description of the Value property of Field.

December 2003

Added information about the Move and MoveWithinTree methods to the User object.

September 2001

Added support for GroupWise 6.x to documentation.

June 2001

Changed description of Fields to contain Field objects.

Made minor formatting changes to improve readability.

Added table headings.

July 1998

Documentation added to the Novell Developer Kit.