GroupWise SDK: Overview

This overview provides a summary of each GroupWise SDK component and explains how you can use them to customize GroupWise to fit your needs.

Communication is essential for an organization to succeed. In today’s business world, information can be communicated in various ways: simple email, memos, and sticky notes; or large and complex documents, data, audio, graphics, and video files. But if the way information is captured makes it difficult to organize, preserve, and access, the information is of little value.

The GroupWise architecture enhances communication by treating any electronically captured information as a basic element—called a message—regardless of its format. With GroupWise, the way information is captured is not an issue. The key to making that information valuable lies in how it can be easily organized, shared, preserved, and accessed. That's why GroupWise is built on a messaging architecture. And that's why GroupWise is messaging.

This guide contains the following sections:


This guide is intended for developers who are not familiar with all of the components of the GroupWise SDK.


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Additional Documentation

For additional GroupWise SDK documentation, see the Novell Developer Web site.