Specification Update #2 to

Hardware Specific Modules (HSMs)

(32-Bit Assembly Language)

Spec Version 3.31, Doc Version 1.12 (01/08/99)

  1. On page 7-111, the last paragraph under the description for MSMReRegisterHardwareOptions should read as follows:

  2. On page 3-31, bit 0 should read as follows:

  3. On page 3-28, the caption for Table 3.4 should say:

    This error also appears in the Revision History.

  4. On page 5-45, in DriverShutdown under Partial Shutdown, add the following note:

  5. On page 5-45, in DriverShutdown, Complete Shutdown should be changed to read as follows:

  6. On page 5-46, in DriverShutdown, under OP_SCOPE_ADAPTER, replace the first sentence of the second paragraph with:

  7. Every place that the spec says "MSMStatusFlags" should read "MLIDStatusFlags". This occurs in sections 4, 5 and 7.

  8. On page 4-3, between MSMVirtualBoardLink and MSMStatusFlags, add a new section called MSMDefaultVirtualBoard. This section should read as follows: