Terminates an NLMâ„¢ application abnormally.

Service:General C Services


  #include <stdlib.h> 
  void abort ( void ); 


This function causes the NLM to be terminated abnormally. It writes the following termination message to the System Console Screen:

  LibC-<version>: <NLM_Name>.NLM called abort() and will have to be reloaded! 

The abort function then raises SIGABRT and calls the _exit function.

The following sequence of events occurs when the NLM is terminated abnormally:

  • Cleanup code registered with the NXVmRegisterExitHandler function is called.

  • All threads in the NLM are destroyed.

  • All libraries that the NLM has used as a client are notified of the shutdown via the register library cleanup routines.

  • All other resources allocated by the NLM are freed.

  • The NLM is unloaded.

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