NDK: Introduction to Novell Script for NetWare

Compatibility. Simplicity. Power. These are the strengths of Novell Script for NetWare (NSN). If you’ve ever programmed in Visual Basic or VBScript, you will soon find yourself using NSN to write Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts, put intelligence into your Web pages, and build server-side task automation applications for NetWare.

NSN incorporates predefined NetWare components with a VBScript syntax-compatible scripting language. It is an object-oriented development environment that supports both the highly skilled RAD programmer and the high-level Web designer.

You can now develop the Web pages using Microsoft* FrontPage and publish them on a NetWare server. See FrontPage Compatible Components for details.

NSN replaces the NMX architecture of NetBasic 6.0 with the Universal Component System (UCS), a unified scripting and component architecture. The UCS kernel allows you to write solutions using and combining NSN components, JavaBeans, Perl scripts, and other popular scripting and component languages.