11.0 File System Object

When writing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts or scripts for Active Server Pages (ASP) to build server-side task automation applications, it is important to add, move, change, create, or delete directories and files on the Web server. The File System object (FSO) allows you to process folders and files using object model. This object is intended to work only on the server side.

The FSO object model gives your server-side applications the ability to create, move, and delete files and folders. You can also find out file and folder information, such as their names, the date they were created or last modified, and so forth. Besides this you can create or open a file and write or read its contents.

Load dosfat.nss file before accessing the DOS file system from FSO on NetWare® servers with OS version 6.5 and above.

NOTE:This object can be used only for files that have a single dot (.) in the filename (for example, filename1.txt). Use NetWare File System Manager object for files that have multiple dots in the filenames ( for example filename1.2.txt).

IMPORTANT:The file/directory names used should not have spaces between the names and the length of the file name should not be over 8 characters.