NDK: SecretStore Developer Kit for C

Novell SecretStore Developer Kit for C (SSOCOMP) provides C functions that enable network applications to securely access user secrets. This document describes the C programming library that augments the Novell SecretStore for Java API set.

This guide contains the following sections:


This guide is intended for C application developers who wish to enable Novell SecretStore functionality within their applications.


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Documentation Updates

For the most recent version of this guide, see Novell SecretStore Developer Kit for C.

Additional Documentation

You may want to refer to documentation for Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure (NICI™) to understand how security services are implemented by SSOCOMP. You also might refer to the Novell SecretStore Administration Guide.

For additional background about enabling your applications to use SecretStore, see:

For SecretStore source code projects, visit Forge Project: Novell SecretStore Developer Kit for C.

For SecretStore sample code, see Novell Forge Files Novell SecretStore Developer Kit for C.

For help with SecretStore problems or questions, visit the Novell Support Forum.

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