Upgrading a Driver Configuration from DirXML 1.x to Identity Manager Format

The Identity Manager installation installs new driver shims, but it does not change existing driver objects or driver configurations.

Existing driver configurations that were created for DirXML 1.x will continue to run with Identity Manager. However, the iManager DirXML plug-ins for Identity Manager let you edit only drivers that are in Identity Manager format.

IMPORTANT:  Running an Identity Manager DirXML driver shim or driver configuration with a DirXML 1.x Engine is not supported.

A wizard is provided to help you convert DirXML 1.x drivers to Identity Manager format.

To start the wizard:

  1. In iManager, click DirXML Management > Overview. Select the driver set that contains the driver you want to convert.

  2. Click the icon for the driver you want to convert.

    You are prompted to convert the driver to the new format.

  3. Follow the steps in the wizard to complete the conversion.