Managing DirXML 1.x Drivers in an Identity Manager Environment

Existing drivers that were created for DirXML 1.x will continue to run with Identity Manager.

The DirXML engine that ships with Nsure Identity Manager 2 is backward compatible with older drivers (as long as the older driver shims and configurations have been updated with all the latest product updates and patches). It accomplishes this by converting their driver configurations to Identity Manager format, on the fly. This conversion is only for the use of the engine, and does not make any permanent changes to existing DirXML 1.x driver configurations. Because the engine is backward compatible, you can run DirXML 1.x drivers on Identity Manager servers as long as you want to, without making any changes to them.

However, the iManager plug-ins have only limited backward compatibility. Older drivers can be viewed in the Overview of a driver set, but the driver configuration can't be viewed or edited. When you click a DirXML 1.x driver in the driver set Overview, the DirXML plug-ins discover that the driver is in 1.x format, and prompt you to convert the driver to 2.0 format using the wizard.

If you don't want to make any changes to an existing driver yet, you can cancel out of the wizard.

To edit a 1.x driver in 1.x format, you must use the DirXML 1.x plug-ins. To do this, you must use a separate iManager Web server with the 1.x plug-ins installed on it. You can't use the DirXML plug-ins that ship with Identity Manager to edit a driver configuration without converting the driver to Identity Manager 2 format.