Installing the NDS Driver Shim

WARNING:  Do not run dxagent.nlm with NDS maintenance tools (for example, dsrepair.nlm or dsmerge.nlm). Before running these tools, unload dxagent.nlm.

The driver installation consists of:

The installation file ( or NDSInst.jar) includes the following files:

General Files

NetWare 4 Files

NetWare 5 Files

Installing on Windows, Linux, Solarix, AIX, or NetWare 6.x

  1. Run the installation program from the Identity Manger download image or CD.

    Platform Installation Program









    NetWare 6.x


    Downloads are available from the Novell download Web site.

  2. View the Welcome (Introduction) page, then accept the license agreement.

    The Welcome and licence agreement dialog boxes
  3. Select whether to install the NDS driver, the driver configuration file, or both.

    NDS driver components to install

    If you are installing on a server, select to install the NDS driver and the configuration file.

    If you are installing on a connected system, select to install the NDS driver.

  4. Select or create a path for installing the driver.

    For example, type /usr/lib/dirxml/classes for Linux, or select c:\novell\nds\lib for Windows.

  5. Select a path for installing the sample configuration file.

    The default path for installing the sample configuration file
  6. Review components that you selected.

    Summary of selected components
  7. Click Install.

  8. Review post-install information.

    The installation program installs the NDS Agent component (dxagent.nlm) in a .zip file. Follow the prompts to install the components. See Installing the Driver Agent.

    Post-install instructions
  9. Select to restart eDirectory, then click Next.

    eDirectory can't recognize the Driver for Legacy NDS until eDirectory is restarted. Of course, you can select No, then restart eDirectory later.

  10. Click Done.