Activating Novell DirXML Products

The following information explains how activation works for products based on DirXML®. To activate your products you must:

DirXML and DirXML drivers must be activated within 90 days of installation, otherwise they will shut down. At any time during the 90 days, or afterward, you can choose to activate DirXML products.

If you are installing a DirXML product on multiple trees, as would be the case if you use the DirXML driver for eDirectory, you must install a unique Product Activation Credential on each tree. You use the same license to get both Product Activation Credentials.

NOTE:  Activating a driver does not change your current configuration or install a newer version of the driver shim. It simply changes the driver to an activated state.

Activation procedures are the same regardless of the DirXML products you purchase. The following examples describe various activation scenarios you might encounter:

After you complete the activation procedures, you can view your current DirXML activations through Novell iManager. For more information, refer to Viewing Product Activations for DirXML and DirXML Drivers .

For more information about activation, refer to Activation Basics and Activation Troubleshooting.