Introducing the Novell DirXML Starter Pack

Today's businesses are faced with the challenge of managing user accounts in many independent systems. The creation and management of separate user accounts is expensive and prone to data synchronization errors.

DirXML® is a data-sharing solution that leverages Novell® eDirectoryTM to automatically synchronize, transform, and distribute information across applications, databases, and directories.

The solution included with NetWare® 6.5 provides licensed synchronization of information held in NT Domains, Active Directory, and eDirectory. Additionally, evaluation drivers for several other systems including PeopleSoft*, GroupWise®, and Lotus Notes*, are included to allow you to explore data synchronization for your other systems.

When data from one system changes, DirXML detects and propagates these changes to other connected systems based on the business policies you define. Using DirXML rules and style sheets, you can make any of these systems the authoritative source for all or some of the data, or you can make each of the systems equally responsible for updating any data changes.

This solution also offers you the ability to synchronize user passwords. With PasswordSync, a user is required to remember only a single password to log in to any of these systems. Administrators can manage passwords in the system of their choice. Any time a password is changed in one of these environments, it will be updated in all of them.

This section contains information on the DirXML data sharing model, and the data flow and object placement between eDirectory and other applications:

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