16.13 Invalid File Handle error for a policy run

An Invalid File Handle error is reported for a policy run if the connection to either of the storage locations is lost when a file move is in progress. The move is incomplete. Two instances of the file appear in both locations, but only the file instance in the original location is valid. You must delete the invalid instance of the file.

To resolve this duplicate file situation, you can review the Statistics > Policy execution history > Files not moved report for the policy run to identify the duplicate file and the target location of the policy run. You can also run the Pair Check (dswPairCheck.exe) utility to find the duplicate file. Your knowledge of the policy direction setting for the policy run where the duplicate file was created can be used to determine which instance of the file is valid.

For information about how this occurs, see Section 4.17.3, Losing a Media Connection when Moving Files. For information about reporting and resolving duplicate files, see Section 8.12, Reporting Conflicts for Duplicate Files.