7.3 Connecting to a Server

After you set up a Dynamic File Services server to be managed as described in Section 7.1, Setting Up a Server in the Management Console, you can connect to the server whenever you want to manage its pairs and policies. Only one administrator at a time should be logged in to a DynamicFS server to manage its pairs and policies.

  1. In the Management Console under Servers, select the IP address or DNS name of the server that you want to manage, then select Actions > Connect. You can also right-click the server name and select Connect, or double-click the server name.

    The DynamicFS Login dialog box opens for the server.

  2. If the configured Dynamic File Service port has changed on the target server, specify the configured port.

  3. Specify the user name and password of the Administrator user or a user that is a member of the Dynamic File Services group on the target server.

  4. Click OK to connect to the server.

    When the server is connected, the Server icon () has a green glow in the upper half of the icon.