4.2 Management Groups

The Administrator user of the server and the Domain Admin users in the same Active Directory domain are automatically allowed to manage all aspects of Dynamic File Services. Two management groups are created automatically at install time to allow you to set up non-administrator users to perform management tasks. It is not necessary to explicitly add the Administrator user and Domain Admin users to these groups, but it is okay to add them.

Table 4-1 Dynamic File Services Management Groups

Management Group


To add or remove members, see

Dynamic File Services group

Group members can manage pairs, policies, schedules, and cloud accounts on a DynamicFS server. The user identity used when you install Dynamic File Services is automatically added to this group. You can assign other members after the installation.

Section 6.3, Configuring Administrators for Pair Management.

Dynamic File Services Retention Review group

Group members can review retained data in all retention pairs. The group has no default members. The group is automatically assigned as a reviewer when the retention pair is created.

Section 12.2, Configuring Reviewers for a Retention Pair