A.6 Creating an Elastic Block Store Volume

  1. Continuing in the Amazon Web Services console, in the left pane under Elastic Block Store, click Volumes.

  2. Click Create Volume, then specify the volume settings:

    Volume Setting

    Sample Value


    Specify 100 GiB (gibibyte, the IEC standard unit).

    Availability Zone

    From the drop-down menu, select us-east-1b.

    IMPORTANT:Use the same same value that you specified for the virtual machine.


    Select No Snapshot.

  3. Click Create, then wait for the volume to be created.

    This might take several minutes. The time varies according to the size of the EBS volume. The volume appears in the list with a status of creating (yellow icon). Click Refresh periodically until the volume status shows a status of available (blue icon)

  4. Select the check box next to the newly created volume.

  5. Click Attach Volume.

  6. Select the openSUSE Linux VM (the currently running AMI instance).

  7. In Device, specify the device path.

    The default path is /dev/sdf. You can use the default path if it is the first volume you are attaching to the VM. If you add more EBS volumes, specify a different path for each one.

  8. Click Attach.

    The EBS volume is attached to the openSUSE Linux VM (the running AMI instance). The status changes to in use (green icon).

  9. Continue with Section A.7, Opening Ports for iSCSI Communications.