A.9 Installing the iSCSI Target Software on the openSUSE Linux VM

Use YaST2 to install the iSCSI Target software. This step is done only once to set up the software on the VM.

  1. Continuing in your SSH session with the virtual machine, launch YaST2 by entering


    The AMI image instance has no GUI installed by default.

  2. Go to Software Management.

  3. If you are prompted with the Update License message, select Import to accept and import the GNUI Key.

  4. Wait until the Package Manager is loaded.

    It takes a few minutes to load the Package Manager and to download the package list.

  5. In the Package Manager, search for the iSCSI packages. (In the Search field, type iscsi, then press Enter.)

  6. From the list of iSCSI packages, select the following iSCSI Target software packages:

    • iscsitarget
    • yast2-iscsi-server
  7. Select Accept (lower right corner), then select OK to continue with the install.

    Wait until the install is complete.

  8. Select Quit to exit YaST, which allows the installation of the iSCSI Target management plug-in to YaST2.

  9. Keep the console open and do not terminate the SSH session.

  10. Continue with Section A.10, Configuring the iSCSI Target Device.