9.10 Stopping an In-Progress Policy Run

You can stop a policy run that is in progress by using the Actions > Stop running process option from the pair’s Statistics dialog box. This gracefully stops all policy runs that are currently in progress on the pair. After a policy run is stopped, the data that has already moved remains in the new location. The unmoved data remains in the old location. The next time the policy runs, the scan begins the policy enforcement process at the beginning.

To stop a policy run that is in progress:

  1. In the Management Console, connect to the DynamicFS server that you want to manage.

  2. Select the pair you want to manage to open its Statistics dialog box.

  3. Select the policy, then select Actions > Stop running process.

To ensure that a policy is not run again, go to the policy’s Properties dialog box and unschedule it by removing the schedule that is currently associated with it. For information, see: