4.26 Using Disk Quotas with Pairs

Dynamic File Services supports using disk quotas on the primary path, secondary path, or both paths. If the primary and secondary locations are on the same disk, the disk quota applies across both areas. Quotas are enforced by the NTFS file system.

In a typical configuration, different disks are used for the primary and secondary locations. If the disk quota is enforced on the primary disk and a user reaches the set quota, the user is no longer able to create new files. DynamicFS also cannot move the user’s files from the secondary disk to the primary disk. However, if a policy moves some or all of the user’s files to the secondary location, the freed space on the primary location is again available to the user.

If you also apply a disk quota on the secondary disk, you are dealing with two separate quotas: one for the primary path, and one for the secondary path. There are two conditions to consider:

Depending on where the user’s files are located, the user’s effective quota is somewhere between the minimum quota you set on the primary or secondary path up to the potential maximum, which is the sum of the two quotas.