12.5 Configuring the Review Notification Check Timer

The Retention Notification Check Timer checks each retention pair to see if a review notification is scheduled for the current day. If the condition is true for a pair, a review event is triggered for the Notification Service. Notifications are emailed or Tweeted to users that are configured to be notified about review events.

The check timer runs by default at 0010 hours daily. The run time for the Retention Notification Check Timer is set in the DswCore.xml configuration file in the C:\Program Files\Dynamic File Services\ directory, or the custom installation directory. An Administrator user (or user with Administrator privileges) can change the check time by stopping the Service, editing the XML file, and then restarting the Service.

  1. Log in to the DynamicFS server as a user with Administrator privileges.

  2. Stop the Service gracefully as described in Section 6.4.3, Stopping the Dynamic File Service.

  3. In a text editor, open the DswCore.xml file, and modify the following settings:

  4. Save the file.

  5. Right-click the Service Controller icon, then select Start service.

    If the Check Timer has already run for the current day, the Check Timer runs the next day at the new scheduled time.