12.7 Viewing the Review Transaction History

In addition to normal pair statistics described in Section 13.0, Monitoring Pairs and Policies, each retention pair has statistics available for the review transaction history. Each Restore or Delete action is logged to a file that contains information, such as the user name of the reviewer that performed the action, the date and time, the size, and the full path of each file that was acted upon.

If files cannot be moved in a restore action, a matching entry is created as a Files Failed to Move action. For example, files are not restored if a file with the same name exists in the original folder on the primary path. To restore the older version, you must rename the file in the target folder, then try again.

  1. In the Management Console, connect to the DynamicFS server that you want to manage.

  2. Click the Pairs folder under the server to view the list of pairs for the server in the right panel.

  3. Double-click the retention pair to open its Statistics dialog box.

  4. Click the Review Transaction History tab to view a list of the Retention Review log files.

    The list contains logs of the Restore actions, Delete actions, or failed actions that were made by all reviewers of the retained data for the retention pair.

  5. Click the number of files link for an entry to view a list of folders and files that were involved in a single action.

  6. (Optional) From an open log file, select File > Save as to save the file in .csv format.

  7. (Optional) Generate a report of one or more actions taken by selecting the actions and exporting them in .csv or .html format. See Section 12.8, Generating a Report for Retention Review Logs.

  8. (Optional) Archive the oldest actions and remove them from the active history. See Section 12.9, Archiving the Retention Review Logs.