4.8 Access Rights for a Standard Pair

For a standard pair, access rights settings must be the same for the primary path and the secondary path. After the pairs are linked, the Administrator manages the access rights by accessing the files via the merged view. When the standard policy engine moves files from the primary location to the secondary location, the engine automatically sets the access rights that are needed on the secondary path and files.

IMPORTANT:For Windows Server 2003 servers, if the secondary path is at the root of an attached volume (such as K:\), there are cases where users’ actions via the merged view might fail on files at the root of the secondary volume.

To allow for correct merged view operation in all cases, a user with Administrator privileges must ensure that the rights settings for the secondary volume root folder match exactly the rights settings for the primary root folder. This should be done before running any policies that move files from the primary root to the secondary.