A.3 Silently Installing Dynamic File Services

  1. On the machine where you want to silently install Dynamic File Services, copy the DynamicFS setup file and answer file into a folder.

  2. In a Windows Command Prompt console on the machine, enter

    DswSetup-x64-v2.2-<build>.exe /s /f1"answer_file_filename"

    Replace answer_file_filename with the InstallShield answer file, such as setup.iss.

    For example, to install DynamicFS, use the DswSetup-x64-v2.2-<build>.exe file, and specify the answer file that you want to use, enter the following at the command prompt:

    DswSetup-x64-v2.2-<build>.exe /s /f1"setup.iss"

    The following command assumes the file is named setup.iss and is in the C:\Windows directory or in the same directory as the install executable:

    DswSetup-x64-v2.2-<build>.exe /s 

    You can also use the /sms option to cause the installer to pause until the installation completes:

    DswSetup-x64-v2.2-<build>.exe /s /sms