product description

Novell Dynamic File Services is an information life-cycle management technology from Novell that uses a policy-based approach for relocating data between two paths. Dynamic File Services provides two pair types to address your storage needs: standard pair and retention pair. The standard pair allows you to efficiently manage your storage across a pair of paths while giving users access to files on both. When users connect to a network share on the primary path, they see merged view of files. The retention pair allows you to keep active data on the primary path, and to move static data that might occasionally need to be accessed to a retention repository on the secondary path. Remote shares can reside on network attached storage (such as NetApp and EMC filers), supported Windows server platforms, and supported cloud storage provider sites.

You decide how the files are distributed between a pair's paths by specifying policies that can move files based on their last accessed or modified date, file extension, file size, file type, and file owner. Policy enforcement is automated with scheduled and on-demand runs of the policies. Novell Dynamic File Services helps optimize the use of storage resources by directing less valuable files to cheaper storage devices, which lowers the costs of hardware, power, and cooling, and streamlines backup processes, without impacting the end user.

New capabilities in Novell Dynamic File Services 2.1 include:

Novell Dynamic File Services 2.1 is also available in the Novell File Management Suite, which includes Novell File Reporter and Novell Storage Manager. For information, see the the Novell File Management Suite Documentation Web site at

This download includes the installation files for Novell Dynamic File Services 2.1 for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) computers.

software requirements

You can install the Service and Management components of Novell Dynamic File Services 2.1 on your Windows servers in a Workgroup environment or an Active Directory environment. Dynamic File Services supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures for the following Microsoft Windows operating systems with the latest service packs and patches applied:

You can use a local share or a remote share as the secondary path in a pair. Retention pairs also allow remote shares to be used for the primary path. The following setup is required for using a remote share:

For a retention pair, you can use a cloud storage account as a secondary path. Supported providers are Amazon Simple Storage Service, Box, CloudMe, and Dropbox.

In an Active Directory domain, the installation must be done by a domain user that has Domain Admin rights. This allows the Installation Wizard to set up a Dynamic File Services Storage Rights group and a proxy user in Active Directory that are used to access and manage data on remote secondary paths.

The following software must be installed and running:

installation requirements

See "Planning the Installation" in the Novell Dynamic File Services 2.1 Installation Guide.

additional information

For Readme, installation, and administration documentation, see the Novell Dynamic File Services 2.1 Documentation Web site at

For patches and product updates for Novell Dynamic File Services, see the Patches & Security Web site.

purchasing Novell Dynamic File Services

To purchase Novell Dynamic File Services or the Novell File Management Suite, contact a Novell Partner in your area.