Backing Up and Restoring Novell eDirectory

Novell® eDirectoryTM is designed to provide fault tolerance for the tree through replication, so that if one server is not available, other servers can provide access. Replication is the primary method for protecting eDirectory.

Replication, however, is not possible in a single-server environment. Also, replication might not provide a complete restore of individual servers in case of a server hardware failure or other damage, or in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood in which you lose multiple servers. Backing up eDirectory on each server increases the fault tolerance for your network.

eDirectory 8.7 introduced a new backup and restore utility called the eDirectory Backup eMTool to back up the eDirectory database on your individual servers. It has the following benefits:

The new eDirectory Backup eMTool is designed to give you a complete backup and restore of the database and associated files on an individual server. It does not support backup and restore for individual objects or sections of the tree.

Also, it must be used in conjunction with file system backups to put the eDirectory backup files safely on tape.

This chapter contains the following topics: