D.0 Authors

Evolution was written by the Evolution™ team and numerous other dedicated GNOME programmers. You can see their names by clicking Help > About from any Evolution window.

The Evolution code owes a great debt to the GNOME-pim and GNOME-Calendar applications, and to KHTMLW. The developers of Evolution acknowledge the efforts and contributions of all who worked on those projects.

For more information please visit the Evolution Web page. Please send all comments, suggestions, and bug reports to the bug tracking database. Instructions for submitting bug reports can be found on-line at the same location. You can also use the GNOME bug report tool, bug-buddy, to submit your defect reports.

This manual was written by:

Please file comments and suggestions for this manual as bugs in the GNOME bug tracking system. If you contributed to this project but do not see your name here, please contact Radhika PC (pradhika@novell.com) or Sreenivasa Ragavan (sragavan@novell.com) and either of them will list you.

Partial list of Documentation Translators (application translated to numerous additional languages):