C.2 Creating DFS Namespace Permissions

The File Dynamics Proxy Rights Group (named fdproxyrights by default) requires Full Control in the CIFS permissions on the root share of the DFS namespace.

  1. From Server Manager, click Tools > DFS Management.

  2. Double-click DFS Management.

  3. Right-click the Namespaces node and select New Namespace.

    This launches the New Namespace Wizard.

  4. Use the Browse button to specify the server that will host the namespace.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the Name field, specify the name of the namespace.

    For example, HomeNamespace or Public.

  7. Click Edit Settings.

  8. Select Use custom permissions, then click Customize.

  9. Click Add.

  10. In the Enter the object names to select field, type fd and click Check Names.

  11. From the dialog box, select fdproxyrights and click OK.

  12. Click OK to close the Select Users Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups dialog box.

  13. With fdproxyrights selected, select the Full Control check box.

  14. Click OK.

  15. Click OK to close the Edit Settings dialog box.

  16. Click Next.

  17. Choose your preferred namespace option and click Next.

  18. Review the settings and click Create.

  19. Click Close to close the wizard.