A.2 Admin Client Database User Setup

The Admin Client uses a specific database user created during the Engine's Database Configuration Wizard. Because it is a product managed login, the administrator is not given the opportunity to change the name of the login or database user that are created. They are blindly managed by the Engine's Database Configuration Wizard.

The name of the login and database user created is fsfui. The login is created with CHECK_EXPIRATION=OFF to disable password expiration. However, enforcement of password policy still applies because CHECK_POLICY=OFF is not specified. Therefore, normal Windows password policy mechanisms still apply. For further details, see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms161959.aspx

To satisfy the default Windows password complexity, a random password with a minimum length of 20 characters will be generated. For example, a password will be produced that looks something like the following:


The login and database user are created in the Database Connection step of the Engine's Database Configuration Wizard. Each time the Database Configuration Wizard successfully moves beyond the Database Connection step, the login’s password is set to a new value and CHECK_EXPIRATION=OFF is set.

If there’s an existing login and database user by fsfui, File Dynamics will attempt to use it. The following properties on the login will cause the Wizard to return an error:

  • Login type is not SQL Login

  • Login is disabled

  • Login is locked

  • Login is expired

If the login’s password is set to expire, a warning will be reported informing the administrator that they should consider disabling password expiration for the login.

The database user is added to the db_datareader database-level role of the target database. For further details, see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189121.aspx.

A.2.1 Admin Client Database Access

The Admin Client performs database access once it has received the database credentials from the Engine after a user has successfully performed a logon. It will perform direct database queries for the following:

  • Events

  • Event Properties

  • Object History

  • GSR Collector Data